How Do I Get My Images?

You will see that we will take A LOT of pictures during your session. Some of the images will be test shots, others will have someone with an eye closed, someone making a funny face, or maybe some that are just unflattering. It is our job as the photographers to weed through the images and pick the best ones; ones that we feel best represent our style and the vision we all had for the session. Typically, we have between 15-30 images to share with you from your session.


Within 3 days of your session, we will choose a couple of pictures to share on Facebook as a “sneak peek.” Please feel free to tag and share theses images, but we kindly ask that you  do not alter them in anyway or remove our watermark.

Next, all of your edited images will be uploaded to a sharing website, in album just for you. The link will be emailed to you, and you will have access to view and share this album. You can expect a link to this album within 7-14 days of your session.


Then you have a decision to make about how you like to receive your images:

We have four options for packages, including both prints and digital files, for you to browse. One of our collections will fit your needs! If not, you can also add-on to your package by selecting some of our a-la-carte items, which also feature both prints and digital files.

Packages cannot be altered. You must purchase one package in order to purchase a-la-carte items. Florida sales tax of 6.5% are not reflected in these prices.

For more information on our collections, please use the contact tab on our website to get in touch with us! We are more than happy to share this information with you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you select a package that includes digital files, you will receive a print release so you can print the images at a place of your choice. We highly recommend that you choose a professional lab, so the images retain their quality.Does this mean that you own the copyrights to your images? No. Simply stated, a print release gives you the right to print the images any time or anywhere. However, Sophia Rae Photography retains copyright to the images, and this release does not give your permission to modify, sell, or enter the photos in any contests without written consent from our company.

You MUST choose which option, which prints, etc. within FIVE DAYS of your session.