What to Wear

Start by thinking of some colors you like or that you love your children in. From there, try to make everyone coordinate – not match. Find a color pallet you love, and mix and match from there. Mixing patterns is okay, as long as everyone is not wearing a pattern.

You can add interest and texture to your photos by adding layers, bright colors, and accessories. Feel free to bring scarves, hats, chunky jewelry….these things all add personality to your shoot, and don’t need to be used for every photo.

Some things to avoid are all black or all white outfits, and clothing that has big, bold words or logos on it. Also, some bright colors are great, but try to avoid neons, as they tend to cast unwanted colors onto your face.

Don’t forget shoes – they will show up in some of the images. We love bare feet in images, so don’t be surprised if we ask you to take off your shoes, especially on the beach!

For some great ideas and color combinations, check out our “What to Wear” board on Pinterest. You can find us at @sophiaraephotog, or click on the Pinterest link on the Welcome page. There are lots of great options there, and it may help you with a starting point.

Above all else, wear what you love and what you are uncomfortable in! We want these photos to reflect you and your family.